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10 Years in the Making (repost)

Published December 11, 2011 - 4 Comments
[Originally posted Mar 10, 2009]

March 1999.  I was on a 4 day bus ride from Saint John, NB to San Diego.  From one corner of the continent to the far corner.  If you want to see America in whirlwind fashion, Greyhound is the way to go.  It probably cost me half as much for the short bus from here to the nearest Greyhound terminal in Maine, but once I got there, I took full advantage of their “Anywhere in Continental USA for $99” deal.  It was the first time I had done anything crazy like that, and I saw some interesting sights, and some interesting people.

I had decided to reinvent myself, and take a job at a fledgling computer game company in San Diego.  The game was EverQuest, and it’s hard to imagine that this was basically an unproven genre at the time…  How many games have built off the popularity of EQ?

So for 4 days I rode that bus.  I noticed that I wasn’t the only one on an extended trip, but I was by far the most seasoned traveler at the end of it.  I heard people complain about being on the bus for 2 days.  Yeah, I wish I was only on the bus for 2 days.  By the end of the 4th day I was definitely in need of a shower, and a real bed.  Or in my case, a couch. But it was definitely an experience.