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Autocorrect Strikes Again!

Published December 3, 2011 - 4 Comments

Autocorrect Fail

We’ve all seen those emails passed around with funny results from auto-corrected conversations.  And we’ve all experienced some form of autocorrect mishap ourselves.  Most times I just get a quick chuckle, and then move on.  Last night was a little different.  🙂

As a bit of background to the conversation, when I was on vacation in Ontario this summer I had mentioned to a fellow tweep that I was spending a week in her general area if she wanted to meet for coffee.  As it turns out our schedules never did quite match up, so I like to razz her periodically that we had a chance to meet and blew it.  When she tweeted about being at Kelsey’s, a restaurant that I remember well from my days in Ontario, I decided that it was a good time to razz her a little more. You will have to read the conversation from the bottom-up for it to make sense.

What makes this autocorrect more hilarious isn’t just the fact that it changed “items” to “kittens”, but also that she finished the tweet with “Soooooo yummy” … AND that she routinely posts pictures on her Tumbr site of cute little kittens!  I will never be able to look at one of those pictures again without thinking of her ordering one at Kelsey’s…

And just to make it even better, I found this picture this morning that I sent to her… hehe…

Soooo Yummy!