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Canada Votes… Again

Published May 2, 2011 - 0 Comments

Well it’s that time, again.  Another federal election.  Didn’t we just have one of these?  Yes, yes we did.  Well, in fairness it was 3 years ago, but when you’re having your 4th election in 7 years they tend to blend in after awhile.  That’s the wonder of our electoral system.  I have always resisted the idea of fixed election dates (ala American system) but I have to wonder whether there might be some benefit to that.

So I stopped to vote before coming into work.  We’re entitled to 3 consecutive hours to vote, and my shift doesn’t end until 7pm, so that doesn’t allow me 3 hours.  I decided to take mine at the beginning of the shift.  It’s a nice day out there.  I wasn’t in any rush to get in here.

Are things going to be any different when we wake up tomorrow?  I doubt it.  I’m still predicting a Conservative minority government.  This could very well go on forever unless there is a real shake-up of the leadership of all parties.  It feels like a virtual stalemate.  I suppose that’s what it is.

Stay tuned!