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Published May 1, 2012 - 12 Comments

I’ve written about “change” before… the need to change this or that in my life… and then pretty much just go back to my old ways, and leave it like that.

Well the last week or so change has been coming at me fast and furious.  After looking at the housing market for months I’ve decided to put that idea on hold until next year.  There are simply too many things in the works, and I will be in a much better position next year to be able to afford the house that I really want.

So it’s apartment hunting time for me!  I haven’t had to go looking at apartments for over 10 years.  It kinda sucks.  I’m looking for something close to work so I can walk there, and not have to pay for parking.  After the last 3+ years of driving back and forth 40 mins each way, I’m really looking forward to cutting that gas bill down to nothing.  But trying to find a place uptown that isn’t next to a crack shack can be a difficult task.  There are plenty of beautiful buildings there, but you just never know what that area is truly like.  I have certain ideas about where I will and will not look, but when you think about it, those are just guesses.

I checked out a couple of places uptown today… everything from an over-priced brand new building with underground parking… to what I’m sure was once a crack house at one point…  It wasn’t a great day for apartment hunting, but there are a couple of places lined up for tomorrow.

On the flip side, I bought a car today!  Well.. a compact SUV… Kia Sportage, to be exact!

I’m waiting to hear back from the dealer about my preferred colour, which is mineral silver.  Basically a darker silver than normal. They didn’t have any in that colour with a standard transmission.  Actually, they didn’t have any standard trasmission models at all.  I guess that everyone wants to drive an automatic these days.  Well, not me.  I like my stick shift.  And the standards are still $1000 cheaper than the automatics, so that’s worth it to me.  And surprisingly they offered to take my 2002 Kia Spectra off my hands, and put the trade-in toward a second set of (winter) tires.  Even better!  I dreaded having to deal with that old car…

To top off my day, I also purchased a beautiful living room set… complete with leather couch, chair, coffee table and 2 end tables that should last my entire lifetime  and then some!  (granted, I’m pushing the big 4-0 this month, so there’s probably not a lot of time left) Now if only I had an address that I could give them to deliver it to.

Oh yeah, I also applied for a new position at work that I think I have a decent chance of getting… it’s a Mon-Fri 9-5 job, which will get me off the dreaded shift work, and into a more technical area again.  I’m cautiously optimistic about my chances.  But even if I do not get this particular job, I’m happy that I’ve at least made the mental jump to a place where I now know that I can leave my current position, and am no longer “waiting” for something to happen there.

Life is good.

How often have you seen me write that?  🙂