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Don’t Wish Your Life Away

Published February 9, 2015 - 1 Comment

125848712609512954500201197_LifeEndCardYou never want to get into a state where you wish your life away.  You want to enjoy each and every day because life really is precious.

So it’s amazing to me when I look at the blog and realize that the last date I posted anything was November 24.  That was almost two and a half months ago!  Where does the time go?  Why haven’t I written anything?  It’s not like my life has been that boring.  So what then?

It’s so easy to get blown off course.  I blame the constant barrage of distractions and my inability to focus myself properly to achieve my goals.  And puppies.  Yes, that’s right.  I’m sure that everyone and their dog (har har) knows this by now, but we brought home two little furry bundles of joy last month.  Jax and Opie, our miniature dachshund puppies.  Yes, they’re named after characters from the FX show Sons of Anarchy.  (Another reason I haven’t written much lately.. binge watching TV.  There’s a definitely downside!)

I’ve told myself that I need to set aside an hour each and every day to to work on my writing.  It’s a skill.  I know that.  It’s something that needs to improve, and the only way that will happen is to actually write!   Writers write.  Dreamers dream.  Writing won’t make me rich, but it sure as hell will help pay the bills more than dreaming will! 🙂

So write, dammit!