I Think I Can… I Think I Can…

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Published March 14, 2010 - 1 Comment

What exactly are dreams???  They’re not memories.  I’ve never complained to my mother about mowing her lawn in March… while pushing the lawn mower…    I’ve never spent a day wandering uptown talking to various people (I think my sister was one of them) while waiting for the driver of the milk truck to finish work…  yet both of these dreams seemed pretty damn real when I woke up this morning. 

So what are dreams?  Little make-believe sessions?  Fantasies?  (mowing the lawn? Is that the best I can do when I’m asleep?)  I don’t really seem to dream of anything that’s actually happened, at least not that I can remember.  It always seems to be something that could happen, like in an alternate world, or something. 

I’d just as soon dream about something real.  Or not dream at all.  But I’ve heard that’s not real healthy either…