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Dropbox Doubles Referral Bonus Space… Retroactively!

Published April 5, 2012 - 2 Comments

The Best Free Online Storage and Sharing Option.. Period

The timing couldn’t be better!  I’ve been considering writing another post about the virtues of Dropbox as the best solution to your online storage and file sharing needs… I just didn’t want to rehash the same ole thing that I’ve already discussed before.  If you’re not using Dropbox, why on earth not???  It’s free!  (yes, there are paid plans, but you don’t need those unless you have massive amounts of data that you want to store)  It’s simple!  Even your grandmother could do it.  And that’s not a knock against grandmothers… it’s a fact!

When I logged into my Dropbox this morning I saw a notice that I had received bonus space.  Cool!  To what did I owe this pleasant surprise?  My Dropbox folder appeared to be about 4GB larger than before, but I didn’t immediately see any reason for that.  There was nothing in my inbox.  No flurry of referrals had signed up through the night.  What then?

Seems that the fine folks over at Dropbox have been rather busy.  When I stopped over to their blog I immediately noticed their announcement of the double referral space.  Incase anyone isn’t quite sure what that means exactly… if you have  free account, and refer a friend using your unique referral link, each of you will now receive an extra 500MB of space!  Not just you.. but your friend too!  It’s a pretty sweet deal.  And if you have a paid account, you receive an additional 1GB of space for every referral. Yup.  And the best part?  It not simply for new referrals.  They’ve applied it to existing referrals that you might already have!

And then I noticed something on Twitter… U2’s Bono and The Edge invest in Dropbox?  Nice.  Well, if you won’t take my word for it, maybe you’ll take Bono’s!  Get a Dropbox account.  Use your Dropbox account.  It will help simplify your life.

And we could all use a little more simplicity in our lives.