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Federal Election – Morning After… WTF!?!?

Published May 3, 2011 - 2 Comments

It’s a dark day in Canadian politics today… Day 1 of the Stephen Harper Reign of Terror.  I’m completely baffled by last night’s results.  A Conservative majority?  Who saw that coming?  Not I!

The Liberal party was decimated.  Its worst defeat since Confederation.  Maybe they’ll take the next 4 years and try to figure out what they did wrong.  Here’s a start… find a leader with charisma who connects with the voters!  The last couple of leaders have fallen short in this department.  Iggy didn’t even get elected in his own seat!

The NDP soared to record gains, destroying the Bloc Quebecois, and what Liberal support remained in Quebec.  So now we have an NDP official opposition party.  That’s not a bad thing.  I voted for our local NDP candidate here, but he lost to the Conservative candidate.

The Bloc…   what Bloc?  They fell to 4 seats!  Duceppe lost his seat, along with his dignity and self-respect.  What does this say about the separatist movement in Quebec?  I have no idea.  I’m not paid to interpret last night’s debacle… I just rant about it.  Suffice to say, the Bloc need to regroup, and they have 4 years to figure out how.

The Green party has their first elected member of parliament!  Good for you, Elizabeth May.  Good for you.  I hope that this is just the beginning of things to come for the Greens.

I guess the one thing I keep telling myself from all of this… it’s the first majority government in a long time.  It will be nice to not have the threat of a non-confidence vote hanging over everyone’s heads.  Stephen Harper finally has what he’s always wanted.  Absolute power.