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Glee … Is the Honeymoon Over?

Published May 25, 2011 - 8 Comments

** Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t watched last night’s season finale, and you intend to, you may not want to read this post **

For some reason I had convinced myself that the Season 2 finale was a couple of weeks ago.  When that episode came and went, it was obvious that there were still a few more left to wrap up the season.  So last night I sat down at 9pm to watch the season finale… only to discover that it was airing at 10pm, not 9pm.  *sigh*  Not sure why I can’t keep track of these things, but apparently I can’t.

Now I’ve had time to watch it, and to let it sink in… now what?

As far as season finales go, I have to admit… I was disappointed with last night’s episode.  I’ve been listening nonstop to the 2 original songs that they introduced a couple of weeks ago for Regionals.  They’re fantastic songs.  I was really looking forward to the new original songs that would be performed at Nationals.  Maybe I set the bar too high, but the songs last night were nothing special at all.  Worse, the first group number was actually horrible!  New York?  Is that what they called it?  I don’t know.  I could hardly stand to listen to it.  It had nothing for me.  I actually liked Britney’s My Cup more, and it wasn’t even meant to be taken seriously!  Kurt and Rachel’s song from Wicked wasn’t really my thing, but I will say that I didn’t hate it.  Rachel and Finn’s duet during the competition was actually not too bad… but I’m a sucker for their relationship, so they don’t have to try too hard to impress me there.  It’s too bad that the group number that followed sucked.  Well… maybe it didn’t suck… but it was just nowhere near Loser Like Me from the Regionals.

I wasn’t surprised at all that The New Directions didn’t win Nationals.  It was a good move for them not to win…. what I wasn’t expecting was a 12th place finish.  I thought that was pretty clever.

I tried not to cry when Quinn cut her hair… why do they do that?

I could keep going on, but really.. what’s the point?  There really wasn’t much good to say last night.. and I fear that it’s becoming a trend with the show.  I was very disappointed by the previous week’s episode!  One of the Glee creators had come out prior and said that there would be a death of a major character.  That didn’t happen.  The Funeral episode was touching, but not at all what we were led to expect.  It felt like a cheap trick to me… and the show should be good enough to stand on its own and not have to pull a stunt like that.

I’m happy that it’s done for the summer, and I hope that they are able to come back strong in the fall.  Let’s face it… as long as Rachel is still there, I’ll keep watching… but I’d prefer to enjoy the entire show, and not just bits and pieces of it.