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Happy 40th Anniversary Mum and Dad

Published January 25, 2012 - 3 Comments

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday.  It seems almost completely unfathomable, in this day and age, that anyone can survive sharing their life with one person for 40 years.  Look at me… getting all mushy and sentimental… when is my divorce getting finalized, anyway?  How dare they reject our petition for divorce based on our marriage certificate not appearing to be an original copy.  Can’t they see the cat pee stain?  How much more authentic can it be?

But I digress… this isn’t about my abundant relationship skills… but about my parents’ who seem to have done much better than simply “survive” together.  One might even say that they have managed to thrive together!

My sister and I took Mum and Dad to Montana’s steakhouse on Sunday.  It was a great meal.  When I asked Dad if he had any words of wisdom after 4 decades of marriage, he said this:

“You learn to duck.”

That’s my Dad!

Happy Anniversary, Mum and Dad.  Let’s do this again in another 40!