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Happy 900

Published August 14, 2012 - 4 Comments

I wrote my 900th blog post last night.  I’d say that’s a pretty decent accomplishment.  When I look at the long list of blogs in my news reader, I don’t see too many amateur blogs with many posts.  When I look at the list of friend’s blogs that drew their inspiration (at least in part) from my own… there are certainly a lot of mothballs collecting…   But I understand how hard it is to maintain that consistent momentum.  A special shout out to one of the best friends you could ever ask for, who started blogging as a way to track his progress as a Squire in the SCA back in 2010, and continues to update it today!  I’m sure he’ll be King or Emperor or Grand Poobah someday!

Since launching in 2008, WhatAboutStephen.com has grown from a simple Blogger site read by my mother, sister, and a handful of close friends into a fairly complex WordPress site STILL read by my mother, sister, and a handful of close friends… albeit that number has grown somewhat!  🙂  Truth be told, although you tend to see the same names in the Commenter’s field over and over, those numbers are not a true reflection of the blog’s readership.  Yes, my family and friends will pop over to read the latest posts, but every article posted becomes part of a larger design… one that people still come from all over the internet to read.  Looking at yesterday’s logs you can see a ton of Google searches that landed people on the blog for different reasons… most of which went to posts written well before yesterday.

Search Views
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The numbers might not be staggering, but… My point is, I guess that there’s a value both to myself and a few other people out there who read this blog… so I look forward to the next 900 posts.  🙂

Oh, and here’s a link to my 500th post… seems like forever ago!

Thanks for reading!