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I Told You that Change was Coming!

Published May 13, 2012 - 5 Comments

I’ve spent two nights in my new apartment!  I’m not fully moved in yet but I’m slowly working on it.  We were able to get most of the big stuff moved on my days off, even though the heavens opened up and spilled the most water I’ve seen in a long time.  Made for quite a mess, but we survived.

The new place is great!  An old building up town with plenty of character.  Beautiful high ceilings… real hardwood floors… I could see myself living there for a very long time if it wasn’t all part of my Master Plan to only be there a year.

I’m able to walk to work now, which is fantastic.  There is so much history in that area, and I’ve never really taken notice of it before.

Great news!  I got the job that I put my name in for!  Same company, but different area… different floor… different team… and most importantly.. different hours!  No more shift work!  I’ll be a Mon-Fri worker for the first time ever.  Hard to believe that I’ll be 40 very soon, and I’ve never had a job with regular hours.  This should be nice.  I don’t know when I’ll be starting the new position.  The two bosses have to work out a schedule, but generally they say that it takes approximately 6 weeks.

My Kia Sportage still has not arrived, but I’ve been driving a loaner Spectra for a week, so I really don’t care how long it takes that Sportage to get here.  I’m just happy to be driving something newer than my old Spectra.

And lastly… Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum and all mums out there!