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January 1 … the Day that Almost Wasn’t…

Published January 2, 2012 - 5 Comments

If anyone ever asks me to make plans on my first day off after a night shift, I always tell them the same thing… “I try not to commit to anything on my first day…”

The reason is simple.  I can never predict what my recovery time after coming off my night shifts will be like.  I leave work around 6:30am after having been there for 12 hours.  I’m home around 7am.  I’m usually passed out by 7:30am.  I always say that I TRY to get up around 1pm.  That’s approximately 5-6 hours, which should be enough.  I’ll be sluggish through the day.  I might be a little more cranky than usual.  But I’ll be functional.

Something happened yesterday that isn’t unheard of, but has probably only happened once or twice before.

I slept the entire day.  

And when I say the entire day… I mean the entire day.  I woke up briefly to use the bathroom, and to call my ex when I noticed that it was 5:30pm and I was not going to be picking up the kids.  Then I fell back asleep.  I did manage to drag myself out of bed around 9pm because my tummy was growling, so I made a small meal.  Any worries that I had that I might not be able to fall back asleep were quickly put to rest.  I crawled into bed around 10pm, and fell back asleep for the night… waking up a couple of times to look at the clock, and finally forcing myself to get out of bed at 5am.  20 hours of sleep should probably be enough to get by, I would think!  Yet I still feel like I could go nap.

Overtired much?