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Nothing Else Matters

Published March 19, 2010 - 1 Comment

Yeah, I like to make random titles for some of the blog posts.  It’s counter-SEO, but that’s fine.  Very often they come from songs that I’m listening to as I start typing… in this case it’s an old Metallica song. And oddly enough, the word “Metallica” is in Microsoft Word’s spellchecker, but “blog” is not.  Figure that one out.

I made my quarterly visit to the doctor yesterday.  We had lots to discuss.  I hadn’t seen her since the urologist rammed that camera up where things aren’t supposed to be rammed.

“Interesting experience” and I just left it at that.

“But you survived”, she said.


She glanced at the paperwork and reconfirmed what I had already been told.  Everything looks good.   Everyone’s happy.

Then she started to ask me how things are going.  How’s work?  How’s home?  How’re the kids?  How’s the separation?

It doesn’t really change much from one visit to the next.  I’ve developed a bit of a status quo when it comes to answering those questions.  As she was listening to me, she took my blood pressure and then reached for a huge book and started to look through it.

“I’m still listening”, she said when I stopped suddenly.

“Well, I’ve never seen you reach for the Bible while I’m talking to you…”

“Your blood pressure isn’t coming down.  Now, it’s possible that it’s lower when you’re not in here, but it’s also possible that it’s higher when you’re not in here.  And given everything going on in your life, I suspect that there are times when it’s much higher.”

Hard to argue with that… keep going…

She didn’t.  I guess it was my turn to talk.

“I suppose that I haven’t exactly held up my end of the bargain either… and gotten rid of some of the weight…”

“Exactly.  Now I can appreciate that you’re trying… but I think that it’s time to look at other options”

So… after hearing an explanation about the heart muscle, and how I might need it for awhile, we agreed to add a pill to my (somewhat) daily regimen.  And as I sit here, half-heartedly (no pun intended) pushing foreign foods around on my plate, trying to suck the last bit of taste out of a piece of lettuce…  I am reminded that without my health.. nothing else matters?  Ohh.. see how I brought that around full-circle?  Didn’t even see that one coming!

Now how am I gonna work Shania Twain’s Man! I Feel Like a Woman into my next post?  Damn luck of the draw that it came up on the playlist just now…

Going back to my rabbit food now…