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One Headlight

Published March 10, 2010 - 3 Comments

I dodged the bullet. I finally got in and bought a replacement headlight bulb. I’ve only been driving my p’diddle (is that even a word?) around for the last month, cringing whenever I saw a police car.

I’d actually attempted to replace it last week, but I could not figure out the damn charts for what size bulb I needed. I have a business degree, not one in scientific obscurity. I might as well have been trying to decypher the Davinci Code.

“Why don’t you go ask someone at the auto parts counter?”

Yup, I could have sucked it up and asked. Then I looked over at the counter and saw that it was a teenage girl working there. Nope! I’d rather hold a flashlight out the window as I drove, than go ask her.

“But maybe she had a father who was a mechanic, or 3 older brothers who taught her all about cars” someone said to me.

You don’t understand. I wasn’t going to ask her because I was afraid she didn’t know the answer… I wasn’t going to ask her because I was afraid she DID know the answer!

So I left.

But yesterday a much older gentleman was working there and I could easily stow my pride and ask him.

If only physically replacing it was that easy.