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Sussex Sleep Clinic – Improving Your Life One Night at a Time

Published May 12, 2015 - 1 Comment
Smothered in Puppy Love

No wonder I can’t breathe! Smothered in puppy love!

Sometimes it just takes a couple of tries before something finally clicks.  That’s been my experience with the Adventures in CPAP series.  Twice I’d brought the CPAP home but just couldn’t get used to it.  Would a third time finally be my charm?  Indeed it is!  I’ve been doing so well with it that I finally bought the unit!

So what was different this time?  Was it the newer CPAP?  Maybe.  Was it the difference between the full face mask I had tried previously, and the smaller nasal cushioned pads that I am using now?  No doubt that’s part of it.  They’re certainly more comfortable than the face mask – at least for me.  But it was something much more important that made this time stand out from the previous attempts… the exceptional people at Sussex Sleep Clinic.

My previous attempts were with another company, and although the staff was friendly, I felt very much that I was being sold to.  It felt no different than walking into a store to buy a pair of sneakers.  A very expensive pair of sneakers.   But at Sussex Sleep Clinic Angie (and her assistant Donna) take a very different approach.  They’re there to help.

Sleep apnea isn’t something to be taken lightly.  The strain on your body, particularly your heart, is well documented.  It’s a medical issue, and my entire experience with Sussex Sleep Clinic has revolved around what’s best for me to help me get better.  At no point have I felt like I was being sold to.  I feel that I’m working with a health professional to help improve my sleep.  She continues to monitor my progress and provide feedback based on the data that I am able to upload from the CPAP.  It’s very much a two-way relationship.  And because of that, I happily purchase Angie’s recommendations.

Angie Cummings

Angie Cummings, RRT

It’s been a long road, but I feel so much better now that I have committed to using the CPAP.  People ask me if I notice a difference. Initially I couldn’t  answer that properly. But then my puppies ate part of the hose attachment and I went a week without using it.  THAT I noticed!  I slept through my alarm, I struggled to stay alert at work, I constantly felt rundown.  So is it working?  Absolutely.  Would I consider going anywhere else for my CPAP needs?  Never.  Sussex Sleep Clinic truly is improving my life one night at a time.