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Infolinks: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Published July 22, 2011 - 0 Comments

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Infolink in-text advertising stats since I implemented it on my blogs earlier this month.  I’m pleased to say that people must be finding some value, because there have been a few clicks.  Even better, the clicks are spread across the different blogs, so I know that it’s not someone simply clicking on things here.  I have run into a problem trying to get it to work on www.LadyAshburnhamPickles.com for some reason.  I suspect that the theme might be interfering with it, which is a shame because I think that site would be perfect for in-text advertising.  I would try using a different theme, but I actually have that site looking pretty much like how I want it to look, so I’d prefer not to screw with it at this point.

I have also scaled back the number of in-text links once I finally discovered that was an option, so the blog no longer looks like a chaotic mess of links.  It should be a little easier to read, which really… is the point.  The advertising is nice, but I suspect that it will be sometime next year before I’m able to get that first payment into my PayPal account.  But that’s ok… slow and steady wins the race…

If You Have to Sit Through an Advertisment at a Movie… Might as Well be a Good One!

Published June 17, 2010 - 4 Comments

I can’t stand the fact that I have to watch ads when I go to see a movie in the theatre!  I pay $9.99 just to see the movie, another $13.49 for some overly-salted popcorn, medium watered-down Coke, and a bag of Skittles… and I STILL have to sit through commercials before the show starts!? And it’s never just one or two… no, Iron Man 2 showed five advertisements before it started!  Five of them!  Granted, the last one was that adorable Telus hippopotamus who swam around and smiled, while reminding everyone to turn off their cellphones.  I don’t mind him at all.  In fact, I see that he has his very own Facebook page, with way more friends than I will ever hope to have.  I’m so jealous of the Telus Hippo.

But I digress…

The commercials at these movies are generally ones that have appeared on TV before, which only bothers me even more!  Why not come up with something special?

Well, I don’t know where they got this advertisement for Old Spice, but it’s hilarious!  I’m sure that this has probably been on TV, but I just haven’t seen it, since most of my TV viewing is done online nowadays.  I was quite literally laughing out loud, as were many other people in the theatre.  I talked about it afterward with my buddy who was there to watch the movie with me.  He loved it too.  “I wonder how many ‘takes’ it took to get that right?” , he thought.  I have no idea, but it’s so smooth…  makes me want to run out and buy some Old Spice!

Oh, I see that it was uploaded to YouTube 4 months ago, so it’s not new.  But that’s ok… if you’ve seen it before, well, enjoy it again!

“Look at your man, now back to me, now back to your man, now back to me.  Sadly, he isn’t me.”

“I’m on a horse.”

Love it!  🙂