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You Can Build a Subscription Site Around Pickles!

Published August 19, 2011 - 0 Comments

I was listening to another great episode of the Smart Passive Income podcast last night, and Pat was talking with chef Keith Snow from the Harvest Eating blog.  Keith has a subscription site based around healthy eating and local foods.  He was discussing how the subscription model worked for him, and the passion required to be successful in a niche market.  It was a very interesting interview, but I paused it to come upstairs and sit at my computer.  That was last night.  This morning I turned it back on and the very next words from Keith were “You can build a subscription site around pickles” if you are passionate about your niche.  I couldn’t believe that he said that!  He was just looking for an example off the top of his head, and he chose pickles!  It made me smile because of my Lady Ashburnham Pickles site that I am slowly working toward.  (Although, I don’t see how that could ever be a subscription site in my case, but I am pleased with the traffic that it’s getting right now).

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