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Amazing Discoveries: Apple Cider!

Published January 4, 2011 - 5 Comments

I honestly don’t know if I’d ever tried apple cider in my life.  Maybe as a kid?  I don’t know.  But I’m willing to say that my first experience with hot apple cider took place very recently, and was a very pleasant surprise!  As an adult I had convinced myself that apple cider was simply hot apple juice.  Yeah yeah… I realize now how silly that was.  But I couldn’t convince myself that I wanted to spend money on hot apple juice, even if it did have a few extra spices thrown in.

Well, Tim Horton’s hot apple cider is anything but “hot apple juice”.  I’m still battling a lingering cold, and hot apple cider feels great going down my sore throat!  I find that it’s a tad on the sweet/sticky side, though.  It’s not so much a refreshing drink. 

Now I’m intrigued because I’m told that Starbucks has a caramel apple cider!  I’ve never actually ordered anything at Starbucks before, since I don’t drink coffee.  But now I want to try it! 

One thing that did confuse me a little with the Tim Horton’s apple cider.  I looked at the nutritional information online, and saw that it had zero Vitamin C.  I’m no nutritionist, but don’t apples pack some Vitamin C in them?  What could Tim Horton’s do to reduce it all the way to zero?  Still working on that one…

I Rolled Up The Rim… and Won!!

Published March 15, 2010 - 0 Comments

Not being a coffee drinker, I don’t get too excited when Roll Up The Rim to Win time starts back up again.  I do work with some coffee addicts though, so I’m more than a little familiar with all the cursing and swearing that goes along with finding Sorry, try again on the cup.  That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when my cup didn’t say that!  Once in a while I’ll stop for a hot chocolate.  It’s pretty rare.  Every few months, maybe.  That’s what makes this one even more special! 

Thankfully it wasn’t a runaway Toyota that I won.  I have no use for that.  I want something that’s going to kill me a little more slowly.  Like a donut!  Yup. Win/Gagnez Un Beigne/Donut

Mmm….  beeeeigne…   I’m thinking Canadian Maple… a sweeter version of the Boston Cream, except with maple icing rather than chocolate…  Oh yes… These are good times we live in, friends… good times indeed!

Batting 100% on my Roll Up The Rim to Win experience.  I don’t think I’ll push my luck, though.  Better to quit while I’m ahead.

Now to cash in on my winnings… mmmm… maple…