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“Weird Al” – Word Crimes

Published July 17, 2014 - 0 Comments

Mandatory Fun“Weird Al” is back with a new (and potentially last, due to contractual completeness) album!  The first release from Mandatory Fun pretty much channels everything from my Grammar Snobs, Unite!  post and makes it sound catchy!  🙂  That’s right… Word Crimes takes last summer’s Blurred Lines and spins it into a parody of how sloppy we’ve become in the age of internet writing…  <- WTF?!?  You can’t end a sentence with THREE periods!  That’s sloppy writing!  Yes.  Yes it is…  And if THAT makes you want to cringe uncontrollably and hide behind your Webster’s Dictionary (what’s that?) then I’d love to watch as you listen to this song for the first time!  Try to pick out a few of the no-nos that you probably do.  I know there are a couple of my little gems in there!

I have to admit though – as clever as the video is, I was really hoping to see Emily Ratajkowski make a cameo appearance… even if clothed.