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The Fall of Sanstrious!

Published March 11, 2010 - 3 Comments

The Gorn commander examined the battlefield data carefully.  He was encouraged by what he saw.

The Colonial fleet had virtually abandoned their homeworld, scattering before the combined Gorn / Pirate alliance had even entered Sanstrious’ orbit.  Pathetic humans.  Their lone battlestar was no match for the heavy battlecarrier the Pirate clans had managed to capture from the Empire.  Those marauders were eager to show their strength in battle.  Brave, but foolish.  They bested the Colonial carrier, but were unprepared for the planetary defenses.  Sanstrious’ starbase ripped the damaged battlecarrier to shreds.  Foolish, perhaps. But their loss was his gain.  What better use of his allies, than cannon fodder for his enemy’s defenses?  This was war, and there was no room for sentimentality.  The loss was more than acceptable.

The Gorn fleet encountered little resistance. Of the 4 T-Rex Battleships brought into orbit, only 2 were required to eradicate the Colonial defenses.  Kondef lead the fleet, and took the brunt of the planetary defense missiles.  She fought well, but collapsed as her spine shattered.  Ktsucks would take credit for the kill, repeatedly firing her MK-8 torpedoes into the heart of the starbase until a brilliant flash erupted.  Terr and Olympix flanked their sister ships, preparing for another wave of Colonial missiles that never came.  The battle was won.

From the bridge of his own carrier, Verin, the Gorn commander smiled in a way that only a battled-hardened reptilian warrior could.  The enemy homeworld was destroyed.  The remnants of their fleet were in obvious retreat, presumably attempting to link up with their Empire allies.  To do that, they would need to get through Robotic Imperium space.  Throughout this conflict, the Imperium had remained neutral.  He suspected that would not help them now.  His counterpart in the Pirate alliance had advocated offering assistance to the Imperium.  The Gorn commmander was less concerned with the Imperium, than he was with the resource-rich planets in this sector.  Still, appearances were everything, and this warrior knew that his next move would determine the course of the war.  He would dispatch Terr and Olympix to chase the fleeing Colonies.  That token effort should be enough to appease his Pirate allies and the Imperium.

“Glith-tok Arg’ur!”

The battle was won.  The war was only beginning.