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U2 360 Tour in Moncton, NB

Published July 31, 2011 - 13 Comments


Last night a dream many years in the making was finally realized. My mind is still so scatter-brained right now that I can’t even find the words to fully describe the experience.  Moncton’s Magnetic Hill concert venue packed with 80,000 (I’ll be curious to know what the real number finally is) people was just insane.  Add to that the fact that it had been raining through much of the day, and people were slogging through a giant mud pit…  I’m not sure that wearing sandals was the best choice, but hey… I lived.

The 360 Tour stage was amazing.  The sound and light show were amazing.  The 2 CF-18s that buzzed the crowd were amazing.  (See a theme here?)  And the music… ahhh… the music…  wow…  I have to admit that I was unfamiliar with a few of the songs, but that didn’t matter.  They were still awesome.  And when I did hear one of the ones that was on “my list” …  Beautiful DayWhere The Streets Have No NameOne… and finally… With or Without You…    I can now die a happy man.

The entire experience was surreal.  I know that this post doesn’t even come close to doing it justice… but it’s just so hard to put into words.


There was a minor snafu of passing out cold in the mud and being taken to the medical tent, but all in all the night was absolutely amazing.  And no… it was not substance-related.

This is one of many sets of pictures that someone has posted from last night.  I don’t know who this particular person is, but he has some great pics!


I’m hoping to be able to link to other posts and pictures that some of the readers and tweeps have as well… so if anyone has anything, feel free to throw it in the comments, and I will add it here!