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Published July 7, 2011 - 7 Comments

Try to Ignore the Worlds Ugliest Feet... and Bathroom Tile

Only once before have I stepped on the scale and broken the 230 lb mark.  I’ve gotten close!  Depending on what I’ve eaten, and what time of the day it was, I’ve seen it creep close, but normally my weight hovers very close to 225 lbs.  I realize that’s not much better, but there is a psychological barrier at the 230 mark.  I don’t like it.  I really don’t like it.  Not that I’m pleased at 225, but 230 really gets to me.

I already know what I have to do… there’s no point in discussing it here.  It’s getting to that point.  That’s the challenge.

Oh.. and to the people who are horrified by the bathroom tile, I have to remind you… it’s older than I am… I’m sure of it.  Hell, it’s probably older than you and I combined!  And if you think that is bad, you should see the wallpaper on the old tub!