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Urban Deli – A Delicious Uptown Treat

Published July 10, 2011 - 0 Comments

I’ve been wanting to try Urban Deli for awhile now.  I keep seeing people tweet about it, and mention it on Foursquare.  It seemed like a popular spot, and close to work.  There was really no reason for me not to give it a shot, except that I thought that it was an eat-in restaurant only.  Not so!  Thankfully one of my friends recently told me about the club sandwich her boyfriend got there, and how I could call ahead of time and just run down and pick it up.  So on my second night shift, that’s what I did!

I have to say.. it’s a really nice little place inside, and I wish that I could have stayed to eat.  I’ll definitely be popping in again sometime soon, so I can do just that.

So how was my club?  Easily one of the best club sandwiches I’ve ever had!  They make it with turkey, and there’s no shortage of it.  The bacon was really good (and trust me, I’m on a bit of a bacon kick at the moment…).  Instead of lettuce, they use baby spinach, which is a nice touch.  Roasted red peppers, and garlic aioli… which I have no idea what that is, but it works!  For my side dish I had asked for potato salad (trying to get away from fries) but it was late, and they had run out.  No problem… I decided to go with Plan B, and ask for fries.  I received a decent amount of fries, but I really think next time I’ll go for a salad instead.

At $10, the club sandwich is priced on par with anywhere else that you’re going to go sit and eat.  I was much happier with the value for my money than I’ve been with other places that I’ve tried recently.

I would highly recommend stopping in at Urban Deli sometime.

Oh.. and I especially like that their website is built on the Thesis WordPress blog platform (same as this blog!) and they are building an online community of followers!  Awesome stuff!

Urban Deli is located at 68 King Street, Saint John.

You can look at their menu here.